In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful.

All praises are due to the Lord of the worlds, and we testify that there is no God but Allah alone we ascribe no partners to Him and that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger may Allah’s blessing be upon him and his relatives and all of his companions. As for what comes forth,

Allah the Almighty said “And fall into no disputes, lest you lose heart and your power depart; and be patient and persevering: For Allah is with those who patiently persevere.” (Al-Anfaal, Aya 46) And the Messenger of Allah, may the blessing of Allah be upon him, said “The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.”

From our duty of responsibility and the trust that Allah the Almighty bestowed upon us to bear concerning the issues of our Muslim nation which suffers from all kinds of disasters and different kinds of suffering from its enemies. And the situation we see worsening day after day in Shaam in terms of the enemy gaining the upper hand and the division between the Mujahideen whom Allah guided to be the hopes of the grieving Muslims, whom their homes were destroyed and their wives were widowed, their children were orphaned, their limbs were cut, and thousands of them were killed, imprisoned and displaced so that they can be liberated from the oppression of tyranny and so that they can enjoy worshipping Allah the Almighty with sincerity without ascribing any partners to Him.

We stand today to unite our wounds and to restore the Islamic brotherhood that binds between us and our brothers. For it is the most trusted link which belittles all parties, groups, organizations and bodies. It is the brotherhood of faith, which leads us to support, solidarity, cooperation, integration and obedience. The brotherhood of faith which rejects the causes of disputes and closes all its doors. Even it means absolving personal rights and partial issues. The brotherhood of faith, which breaks all the arrows of satanic hatred and jealousy, grudges, ill-thoughts, whispers and disputes.

Oh Mujahid brothers in the Shaam of the Prophet peace be upon him: Our strength in front of our enemy is nothing but we do not rely on it, we were never supported by our numbers and strength. Rather we derive victory and help from the One in Who’s Hand the kingdom of everything lies. And the victory of Allah is not derived by disobedience to Him, so beware of sins for it is the real destroyer, beware of injustice for it destroys the greatest of powers, beware of forbidden blood for its sin is very severe in the Sight of Allah. And a drop of forbidden blood spilled unjustly will take away the blessing and it will accelerate the punishment in this world before the Hereafter.

Oh Mujahid brothers in the Shaam of the Prophet peace be upon him: Do you not see your enemies, despite their different religions and different beliefs, how they ally against you and mobilize all their strength and weapons to eradicate you, while it is more befitting for you to unite your ranks than them: “Truly Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in one row, as if they were a solid cemented structure.” (Al-Saf, Aya 4) For what unites you is greater and stronger than what divides you, so why are you divided despite all of this?

Our beloved ones in the Shaam of the Prophet peace be upon him: Allah gave us an appropriate solution in His Sharia for all dilemmas from which we suffer, and the legal solution which breaks through the ordeals and gives a way out of the crisis is what Allah the Almighty Stated in His book when He Said “When there comes to them a matter, whether of safety or fear, they spread it abroad. But if they had only referred it to the Messenger, or to those charged with authority among them, and the proper people of knowledge would have solved it.” (Al-Nisa, Aya 83)

We call on upon all parties to return to the scholars and give them the authority to resolve the dilemmas and resolve the issues of dispute, and especially Hay’at Tahrir Shaam, Jaysh Ahraar Shaam, and the brothers who are loyal to Al-Qaedah in Shaam, and all the factions and groups who are persistent on ruling with the Sharia and its sovereign authority. We call all of them and every Muslim with zeal for his religion in our beloved Shaam to reorganize our affairs correctly and build ourselves and our strength to become worthy to carry the trust bestowed upon us by Allah the Almighty to bear about which we will be asked on the Day in which we will stand between His hands.

And to remind you oh our beloved ones in the Shaam of guarding and Jihaad, the entire Ummah is waiting for to delight their eyes with restraining the tide of turmoil and uniting the ranks and word and to strike the enemies.

We urge all the scholars and preacher and activists with zeal in our beloved Shaam to translate this statement in the reality with action and urge everyone to answer this initiative to become a door for good and the start of a bright dawn leaving behind the darkness of division and disputes with the permission of Allah the Almighty.

Finally, we remind all our brothers to forgive and overlook and reconcile in the hope that Allah the Almighty will forgive us, for it the souls and belongings are sacrificed “Let them forgive and overlook, do you not wish that Allah should forgive you?” (Al-Nour, Aya 22)

We ask Allah the Almighty to forgive us our sins and our trespassing in our dealings and to grant us victory over the people of oppression, and peace and blessing be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his relatives and all of his companions.

Signed by:

Shaykh Abu Qatadah Al-Filistini
Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi
Shaykh Abu Al-Fadl Al-Hadoushi
Shaykh Abu Abdullah Al-Hashimi
Shaykh Abu Abdurahmaan Al-Makki
Shaykh Abu Mahir Al-Malahim
Shaykh Abu Hudayfa Al-Sudani
Shaykh Abu Mahmud Naail Masran

Remark: The initiative is open for every scholar or student of knowledge and others to adopt it or support it.


One thought on “The first statement of the scholarly initiative to reconcile between the Mujahideen

  1. جزاكم الله عنا وعن المسلمين خيراا الجزاء مشايخنا الكرام كتب الله اجركم ورفع قدركم ونسأل الله ان يوحد صفوف المجاهدين في شتى بقاع الأرض تحت راية النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم بارك الله فيكم وكتب اجركم

    #اخوكم ابو عزالدين من بلاد الشام مجاهد في هيئة تحرير الشام


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