“Dear brothers, people with projects and the Mujahid must have a strong ambition, and he must have trust in Allah the Exalted that He will grant him victory. For the equation is very simple “If you support Allah, He will support you.” (Surat Muhammad, Aya 7)

We only have to fear Allah the Exalted and be truthful to Him. He said “If you are sincere toward Allah, Allah will fulfill your wish.” And we only have to follow the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah peace and blessings be upon him, and we only have to be concerned with the affairs of the Muslims and the people of Sunnah and carry their worries.

It does not mean anything if a village is lost or a village is regained, for our goals are much and much bigger than this. By Allah my dear brothers I came here and I did not have with me except sixty rifles. I sent seven to Aleppo, and five to Damascus, and seven to Daraa, and five to Hamaa, this exact place we are in right now.

This is everything I had, and those who came to me to pledge their oath of allegiance, I would say to him “We are people who do not have anything.” We would work like this, with what we were capable of. Today however we only march forth in battles with tanks, armored vehicles and Konkurs, and large scale equipment and numbers. We only hold guard and fight against the enemies in equal numbers. Yes this is from the obligated military preparations, but Allah the Exalted asked from us that which we are capable of.

Dear brothers, this war after it being a war between truth and falsehood it is also a war of ideas, a war of minds, a war of will and determination. We are thinking and our enemy is thinking.

It is possible that an army prevails over another and the victor suffers tens of thousands of casualties, while the defeated has only a few thousand dead. However it is still said that the victor is the one who won. So it doesn’t matter how many of the enemy we have killed. This is why it is called a war of ideas and minds, a war of faith and creed. We must use everything that is available to us to protect the people of Sunnah. We must use our brains and beseech Allah the Exalted. It is in the most difficult moments of breakdown that we must have determination and not lose our trust in Allah the Exalted that He will grant us victory. There is no doubt about this. This is a faithful promise from Allah the Exalted, written in the most honorable book, the Quran. The Quran is not only meant to be read but also to be confirmed.

And this, my dear brothers, is the capital we possess. Our capital is not equipment, nor ammo, nor manpower, nor numbers, whether great or small. The one who increases material means to support the religion of Allah is only deceiving himself. For rather it is Allah who grants victory to His servants; the pure and pious who have true trust in Him.

With this spirit, if Allah wills, we will not only reach Damascus, rather Jerusalem awaits us as well, with the permission of Allah. And every bullet we fire here, its echo reaches the entire Islamic world.

Your presence as a Mujahid on this blessed land, this in itself is a blessing from Allah the Exalted, who has chosen you from among His vast creation and billions of people. Why did Allah chose so and so to be a Mujahid who protects his religion and defends the honor of the Muslims and the people of Sunnah and their sanctities and blood. This alone, that you are among the ranks of the Mujahideen who defend the region of Allah the Exalted. This blessing alone, if we would remain on this world for as long as it lasts, prostrating to Allah and thanking Him, we would not have paid Allah the Exalted back one grain of His blessing upon us.

We must comprehend these meanings my dear brothers, and they must be associated with us, not only during defeat, rather during victory before defeat. Allah said “When the victory of Allah has come and the manifest conquest. And you see the people entering into the religion of Allah in multitudes. Then praise your Lord and ask for forgiveness from Him.” (Surat Al-Nasr, Ayaat 1-3)

Why ask for forgiveness in this situation while it is a situation of thankfulness for victory. Because perhaps in victory pride overtakes a person so he must remind that Allah granted him this victory, and repent and ask for forgiveness from Allah the Exalted. This is why all the great leaders entered with a bowed head when they were victorious.

The one who for one moments thinks that the victory is thanks due to this or that person or the weapons of so and so, then Allah will deprive him of this victory or at the very least, He will deprive him of the reward of this victory. These understandings my dear brothers must always be present in our consciousness.

We are not in a situation of defeat, we do not cry over anything, we only cry over one thing; that we are killed and Allah the Exalted is not pleased with us. This is the most important thing which should concern us, after that everything is easy on this world.

We ask Allah the Exalted to grant blessings through you and protect you and that He grants us victory against the oppressive people. May Allah reward you with the best of rewards.”


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