Shaykh Zubayr Al-Ghazi:

“Have the gangs of Al-Baghdadi become allied forces of the criminal regime?

The answer:

Yes, without a doubt. Like the people say, the third time’s a charm. And this is the third operation from the gangs of Al-Baghdadi with the Nusayri regime. Which is as follows:

1. They left Uqayribat and surrendered it to the Nusayri regime after a little amount pressure, and they came to the territories of the people of Islam, and they occupied it from the Mujahideen until they took Rahjan and Al-Shakusiyah and others. This is the first surrender of the Muslim territories while occupying other territory with the goal of surrendering it the disbelievers yet again.

2. The Mujahideen were able to regain the upper hand over ISIS and when they were isolated in some villages they left them and surrendered them to the Nusayris in public. And I was present at the battle that time and news was spread on the portable radio that ISIS took the hilltop Ma’lumah so the heroes marched there to repel them and clashed with them until morning. Until we were surprised to see that the regime took all of their positions all the way to the hilltop of Abu Al-Ghar and ISIS were handed over three villages (Tutah, Hajilah, ‘Aniq Bajarah). And this surrender was in open public to the regime without any ambiguity.

And this is the second time they have surrendered villages of the Muslims to the regime and the regime hands them over other villages in return.

We besieged ISIS in the three villages but we were not able to catch our breaths at that time for the bombardments of the Nusayri regime in front of the besieged villages of ISIS and around it did not stop for a moment to prevent us from reaching it. At that time we captured a prisoner from ISIS and he admitted that they surrendered their wounded to the regime and that the weapons and supplies also came from the Nusayri regime.

So this is the second surrender and it is clearer than the first one.

3. After that the Nusayri regime and the apostates of ISIS advanced in rural Hamaa side by side, and the movement of both were as if they had one leader leading them right and left until the regime occupied Abu Dhuhur. And our soldiers in general were saying that the regime would open a path for ISIS towards Al-Tamani’ah and Khan Shaykhun.

And indeed our suspicions were right about the regime and their agents and allied forces from ISIS. Because when ISIS was besieged in rural Hamaa the Nusayri regime opened from a pathway with the distance of 30 kilometers!

ISIS moved all of this distance under the eyes of the regime after surrendering territory the size of 1100 square kilometers to the Nusayris, and they came to the direction of Al-Tamani’ah and Khan Shaykhun like we expected. And a new chapter of treason and treachery to the Nusayri regime started, which the people of Islam confronted with courage and heroism.

This was the third time charm in which their treason to the Nusayri regime was confirmed and that they are indeed allied forces and that they are fighting against the Muslims to surrender the land of Islam to the disbelievers; the Nusayris and Rawafid and Russians.

And this third surrender proofs the treason of the Khawarij to the Nusayris more than the previous ones, and it is a double treason.

And I swear by Allah the Almighty, if the regime did not sought help from the Khawarij then the regime would not have been able to control Al-Badiya nor Abu Dhuhur and Sinjar nor these thousands of square kilometers which were under control of the Muslims.

Oh Allah separate between us and the Nusayris and their agents from ISIS and support us against them. Ameen.”

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