“A statement concerning the recent developments on the arena in Shaam

All praises are due to the Lord of the worlds, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah (SalAllahu Alayhi wa Selam) and his family and all of his companions, as for what comes forth.

“O you who believe! Guard your duty to Allah, and speak words straight to the point. [whereupon] He will cause your deeds to be virtuous, and will forgive you your sins. And [know that] whoever pays heed unto God and His Apostle has already attained to a mighty triumph.”

We in the Turkistan Islamic Party from the first day we migrated to the land of Shaam (Levant) we came to support its people against the Nusayri regime and its criminal allies. And we fought side by side from the first day with all the factions on the arena. And we safeguarded our weapons that they remain aimed at the enemies of Allah and the enemies of the Ummah. And we watered the pure earth of Shaam with our blood, and our limbs of our martyrs were torn apart over the whole of Shaam. Even if we are migrants we are also Muslims, and the land of Shaam is not monopolized by any nationality, race or color, rather it is the concern and cause of every Muslim. And the people of Shaam are not accustomed with our participation in any infighting.

And in light of the recent developments and the ongoing (in-) fights on a number of positions in the liberated north the Turkistan Islamic Party remained on its promise towards the people of Shaam and did not enter in any conflict or fight in rural Aleppo, nor anywhere else in the territories of conflict. And we held on to our guarding positions against the Nusayri army and we were preoccupied with it while the (in-) fighting was ongoing. However some factions did not leave us outside of this conflict and attacked one of our checkpoints with shells, mortars and heavy machineguns, which threatened the safety of a number of our families in the region. So we were forced to respond towards the source of the fire and deal with the aggressor. They also hit one of our cars with machineguns and heavy weapons as it was changing guarding shifts which prevented us from changing shifts in one of the fronts of Abu Dhuhur. We likewise were not spared from the assassination campaigns and security operations which targeted our Mujahid leaders and cadres in the liberated north.

However the surprise was the statements published after this from certain factions and scholars accusing us of participating in the ongoing infighting, and the threatening language is not hidden, the likes of which we did not hear the whole period of our Jihaad in Shaam, and we did not think that this language of threats would reach this irresponsible level. So we explain the circumstances of what happened to us and we stress that any news about our participation in this fight is completely false.

At the same time we state our complete rejection of what is happening of transgression against Hayat Tahrir Shaam which is the biggest Mujahid group on the arena in Shaam, and it is holding the most guarding points in the liberated territory, and they are our brothers and we fought together in one trench from the days of Jabhat Nusra and then Jabhat Fath Shaam until Hayat Tahrir Shaam. And we fought side by side epic battles with them east of the railroad in the last couple of months, in which a number of factions have forsaken us. And when we asked them why they did not participate in repelling the Nusayri regime many of them were using the excuse that Hayat Tahrir Shaam took all of their weapons and they did not have any weapons to fight with. However today we see tanks, artillery and shells against the checkpoints and the civilian territories, and we witnessed the convoys and the large numbers moving to capture the liberated towns and villages.

And we previously attended most of the merger meetings and we know and saw who was striving towards a merger and those who refrained from it, and the faction which refused it and escaped from it, or they entered it and then left it and broke its promise.

And we conclude with stressing that we will stay out of any internal factional dispute and we hold on to all our guarding positions against the enemies of Allah. However we also stress that if the attack against our brothers in Hayat Tahrir Shaam is expanded we will not stand idle handed in its face, and we will not let the achieved gains of this blessed Jihaad on the land of Shaam be wasted after all of these sacrifices.”

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